Alex came to Pilates as an experienced athlete. He immediately recognized the benefits of the pilates methodology. He brings his experience from a background in social work and youth work, where he supports young people to use democratic processes to create positive change in their communities. This work forms the roots of his fitness practice, where he believes the journey to grow or maintain a healthy body starts with a caring and supportive relationship with his clients.

He also draws from his personal experience in CrossFit and trail running to understand and support his clients' fitness journeys. Participating in these fitness practices, along with Pilates, has helped him develop a sense of mental and physical flourishing. He has completed training in STOTT Pilates and is committed to continuing to learn and grow to be a better teacher.  

In both his Pilates and youth work practice, Alex is committed to helping people reach their goals, wherever they are starting. As someone who was anxious about entering traditional gyms - and thus spent a lot of his life ignoring his body - he is aware that people overcome many barriers to begin (and to continue) a fitness practice. He wants his teaching practice to be inclusive of everyone. 

In addition to teaching Pilates, Alex teaches workshops and classes at the University of Minnesota, working to promote better practice in youth work and social work.