If you are looking for movement that is tailored specifically to your needs and goals, private or duet work is the perfect answer. In these sessions, we begin with a posture and movement analysis to assess where your body is and what it needs, whether you are an athlete looking to better your sport or post-rehab, or anywhere in between, the sessions are geared to helping you find ease, efficiency and strength in the body.


10 privates-$600.00 with Jennifer/$650.00 withYvonne/$700.00 with all other instructors

5 privates-$325.00 with Jennifer/$350.00 with Yvonne/$375.00 with all other instructors

1 private-$65.00 with Jennifer/$75.00 with Yvonne/$80.00 with all other instructors


10 sessions-$325.00 or $375.00/per person

5 sessions-$175.00 or $200.00/per person

1 duet-$37.50 or $40.00/per person