Jennifer spent twenty years working in the non-profit and health care sectors before making a career change to become a Pilates instructor. After experiencing first hand the life changing effects of the STOTT Pilates method, she completed the STOTT Comprehensive Mat and Reformer program in 2016. Continuing her education, Jennifer took the Intensive Chair training.

In her eight years of personal practice, she has experienced the power of Pilates to improve alignment, posture, strength, flexibility and, in her case, address ten years of chronic lower back pain.

As an instructor, Jennifer approaches each client as an individual - participating in setting joint goals and designing work-outs to address what each unique body needs. Jennifer appreciates the technical components of Pilates balanced with the ability to get fit while having fun. Jennifer truly believes Pilates can be an essential component of life long wellness.

STOTT Certified, Mat and Reformer 2017