Rachel is the proud owner of flourish which she opened in January of 2013.

Rachel is a master Pilates Instructor. She has been teaching pilates-based movement for 16 years focusing on realigning and balancing the body. Rachel combines her love of movement with her experience as a dancer and student of multiple disciplines. She blends philosophies— Gyrokenesis, Alexander Technique, Yoga, Somatics and Anatomy Trains Fascial Meridians— to offer her clients a more holistic experience that helps facilitate learning strength, ease and fluidity in the body. She teaches movement as medicine for the body.

Rachel is passionate about working with clients of every fitness level. She has had much success working with clients needing movement repatterning for such things as misalignment, degenerative disc disease, hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder impingement and numerous other conditions. She has also enjoyed helping athletes improve their performance by balancing out the body.

Whomever Rachel works with, she encourages clients to feel good in their own bodies and have a sense of humor about it all.


STOTT certified on mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrels (2005)

Yamuna Body Rolling

Thai Yoga Massage


Continuing Education includes:

Injuries and Special Populations, PJ O'Clair, STOTT PILATES.

Fascial Movement, PJ O'Clair, Merrithew

Knee Stability and Function, Pacific Northwest Pilates

See, Sense, Change; Upper and Lower Quadrant, Madeline Black, ITT Pilates.

Optimization of the Lumbo-Pelvic Region, Wayne Seeto, STOTT PILATES.

Athletic Conditioning, Level 1& 2 Reformer, John Gary, STOTT PILATES.

Pilates and the Autonomic Nervous System, Kim Haroche.

Zen*Ga Mat Foundations, Debra Hunt, STOTT PILATES.

Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapists, Thomas Myers Institute.